Song Lyrics

Verse 1
Madness in the air
And corruption
On the daily agenda
Welcome to Corruptiopia
Where if the politicians
Don't get ya
The police and sham
Of a justice system will
Innocents sitting on death row
Waiting to be murdered
By blood thirsty prisons
In a fucked up system
Run by demons
With God complexes
In a country run
By heartless, and 
Clueless politicians
Oh America 
What have we become

Welcome to Corruptopia
Where those in power
Are out to get ya
And no one else matters
Chaos and madness
All around
With no sanity
To be found
Like a ship 
Taking on water
We are going down
As in our own madness
We do drown

Verse 2
The corrupted ones
Sit laughing
Counting their money
As children and war vetrans
Die homeless and hungry
On the streets
Abused and used
Neglected and forgotten
By a country run by
A government that 
Forgot their promises
And what their duty is
Narcissistic hypocrites
Who just don't 
Give a shit
Will do wantr they want
Just because they
Can get away with it
We are a country run
Badly behaved children
We must fix this


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