Song Lyrics

Verse 1


The greatest friend to me
The best friend
I never thought
I deserved
Let alone would
Ever see
Always there
To pick me up
When I am down
And turn my frown
Upside down
Never thought 
A friend like you
I would 
Ever deserve
But girlie you are my world
Thank you for being there

When no one else cared

There for me
No matter what
And ditto 
Me there for her
Fuck she has earned it
Best friends
Until the end
Everyone needs
A friend like this

Verse 2
Met you girlie
At a troubled time

In my life
And not only
Did you never judge
But were there for me
No matter what
Thick and thin
Right and wrong
No matter what
More family to me
Than my own
You showed more love
And loyalty
Than any of them
Have ever known
A sister from
Another mother
My best friend
To the end
And thank you always
My best ever friend
The amazing, Penelope


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