Verse 1
A genuine person
Who truly cares
About his fans 
Who can't help
Being who he is
And we love him
For it
And I hope he knows it
Big on charity 
Which get's
Huge respect
From me 
And should from you
Thank you Mark
For what you do

An inspiration
To multiple generations
From the young 
To the old
And the in between
Such a beautiful soul
One of the best
I've ever seen
Thank you 

For helping so many
Including me

Verse 2
Great sense of humor
Always humble
And all around beautiful

Great guy 
Makes us all laugh
And is a light
In the darkness
When we need one
Encourages many
To keep fighting
And carry on
Someone we can relate to
Probably more 
Than he realizes
Beautiful man
Who does what he can
And encourages us all
More than he knows
We love him so much
And we hope it hope it shows
Thank you so much
For what you do
Please never forget
We do and always will
Love the hell out of you


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Yes I am a huge fan of his and thought he deserve a song

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