The Controller Needed By No One

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
I am the one
You thought you wanted
You were the one
I never needed
Controlled by insanity
You willfully
Let me be
While feeding
Lie after lie to me

Prisoner of
Your stupudity
Of you darling
I am beyond happy
To be free

Prisoner of your delusion 
Don't need anymore
Of your poison
Lies or manipulation
I am free 
From your insanity
As you die alone
Now in solitary confusion
Wondering why 
No one any longer
Gives a damn

Verse 2
Dropped me 
When things got real
When all I asked of you
Was to fucking feel
Dropped me like
A bad fucking habit
Did you care at all
Or were you just
Waiting for me to fall
Should have 
Known better
But your lies
Had me thinking forever
Why we failed
Look in the mirror



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