Twisted And Broken Society

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
Twisted passion
Driving me to
A destiny
I still can't see
As I drown in a reality
Not meant for me
While twisted memories
Haunt me
Holding me back
Keeping me trapped
In a past
That won't get
Off my back 
Back on track
What's that
Surrounded by fear
I am a day dream nightmare

Twisted reality
Broken society
Absent humanity

Mankind falls

With the scandel

Of the day
When does it end
When does it end
We beg for answers
As evil wins again

Verse 2
Never learning
From the past
Destined to live it
All over again
Every generation
Nothing but an
Updated rerun
Recycled dreams
Once again
Never to be seen 
As reality
Thanks to insanity
And greed
Scandal ridden
Day dreams
Once again
Turned by fear
Into modern day


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