A Song For Jason

Song Lyrics

Verse 1

Jason Baldwin 
The kind guy
You can't help
But love him
A total gentlemen
Been through hell
Still approaches 
Each day
With a smile
That just lights
Up the room
Beautiful soul
Poetic and kind
How anyone could
Think he 's guilty
Is mind blowing
Just makes no sense to me 

One of three innocents
Wrongfully convicted
And screwd for life 

His best friend Damien
Sent to death row
A horrble plea
He didn't want to  take
Took it anyway so that Damien
Would be saved
Pretty amazing
But hey, that's our Jason 


Verse 2
Kind and wise
With one hell
Of brilliant
Wonderful mind
Behind smiling 
Innocent eyes 
Opened wide
And shining bright
Can even tell you
The secret to life
I mean if you 

Really want to hear it
It's my favorite quote
And I love it
That it's from him
The secret to life?
Just enjoy it


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