Mankind: Will We Make It

Song Lyrics

Verse 1`

The world's a mess

Just stress added

To stress 

Leading to madness

And civil unrest

A joke of a government

Run by a sad excuse 

Of a president

With no end 

In sight

To the insanity

Destroying humanity
I feel like I'm just
Screaming and screaming

In fear and anxiety
But nobody is listening
Somebody help me
I think I'm going crazy

Society destroying itself
By killing each other
Hating and using each other
On a daily basis
It's all one big insanity tragedy
Anybody else with me
In wondering
If we have finally become

Too damn tragic 
For mankind to make it

Verse 2
Madness and insanity
Originating at the top
And trickling down at will
To the rest of us
Burying us more and more
In this rut
We're stuck
But too defiant
To admit it 
Being swallowed
By the very denial
We live in
Thinking each 
Other is to blame
As we sink deeper into 
The hell we have made
While playing life
Like everything is just
One big game
It makes me insane
As I wonder 
Will we ever be saved


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