My Hero Damien Echols

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
Damien Echols
An amazing man
On a mission
Standing up
To the state
That tried to kill him
For the sake of others
In the same position
He used to be in
That to this day
Still haunts him
But determined 
He doesn't let 
Fear stop him
As the man 
On a mission
Fights with passion
For justice

A so called justice system
Broken and cold
Filled with blood thirsty assholes
They won't get away with it
No not this time
He is here to protest
And he's not alone
The madness ends
Here and now 

Verse 2
The death penalty 
In Arkansas
Another day
Same old song
Having been through
That hell himself before
He knows better than anyone
That it's wrong 
And must be stopped
And up for what he 
Believes in
And against what
He knows is wrong
He will proudly stand
And stand for others
As others did stand for him
He will speak for those 
Who are not heard

Give them a voice 
They wouldn't otherwise have
All in the name of justice
For which he stands 
And proudly fights for
My hero Damien Echols



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