We Fell Too Hard Too Fast

Song Lyrics

Verse 1

Empty promises

Silent voices 

Tortured souls 

Those trying to 

Take and 

Keep control

Of our very souls

Don't you know

This is the world

In which we live

Forget and forgive

And live and let live

Have given way

To a world of sin

We are so lost

Oh God what 

Have we become



We have fallen far
And fallen hard
Lost and blind
Carbon copies
Puppets on a string
Never failing to repeat
Not learn from history
Society it's time 
We finally changed things

Verse 2
We have gotten so
Turned around
We know not
What we have done
Let alone where to begin
To change the same old
Self destructive song
That has worn 
Out it's welcome
And find a new one
And give the world
A chance for 
Much needed 
Peace to come
So that one day
Our children's 
Children may have a chance
Wake up society
The time to rise 
Back up is now
We just can't afford 
To fall anymore


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