The Cruel

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
Look out for the cruel
The mean at heart
They'll play you so cool
Then rip you apart
They'll act so nice
Even give you advice
Then get inside your head
And fill your heart with dread 
They'll dig so deep
Into your soul
They'll creep
While your trust
Trying to keep
Lacking any morals
There is no end
To how far these
People will go

The most evil people
You will ever meet
Controlling, using,
And abusing you
While telling you they love you
Creep inside your fragile mind
Destroy you from the inside
All while insisting they are
The one who is right
Because they are the cruel
And that's just what they do

Verse 2
And over bearing
Beating you down
While insisting
They know just
What's good for you
They'll make you
Love them
And do things for them
Treat you so good
And make you so glad
Then turn on a dime
And treat you so bad
And make so sad
So my friends
I caution you
Look out for the cruel


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