An Innocent Man On Death Row

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
He sits in his cell
Cold and alone

Only hours left to go
Innocent yet
Still considered guilty
All for a crime

He didn't commit
He dies tonight
All thanks
To their lies
Too numb to cry
Sick of asking why
He dies tonight
But is already
Dead inside

A trial of lies
Fabricated stories
Forced confessions
All because
He was different
Hatred in their eyes
No chance for justice
His life ended 
At the hands of the blind
Who refuse to make it right

Verse 2
The last years of his life
Have been hell
Rotting inside 
This wretched cell
The insanity 
So maddening 
Guards coming to 
Fuck with him
Beating him black and blue
Nowhere to run to
Nothing to do
It's all too much to bare
The pain is so bad
It's just not fair
He doesn't belong here
And now he 
As innocent as can be
As of tonight will die here



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