Society's Lost Child

Song Lyrics

Verse 1

Innocent child

Out there on her own

Society's lost child

No one by your side 
Tossed aside
And forgotten
Looked down on
And never seen
You are a failed societty's
Greatest failure
Yes poor child
You deserve better

Keep your head up
Little one
Don't let this world
Get you down
For you are not alone
As long as there are
Stars in the sky
A moon shining bright
And magick in the air
All around you
You will never be truly alone

Verse 2
Walking down
A broken road
Shaken and on your own
So lost you don't

Even know
Where you are
Just keep your
Eyes on the stars
And let the moon
Bathe you
In it's warm
And magickal glow
For it is in the magick
That even you
Society's lost child
Are home


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