See Me Now

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
Fire eyes
Always determined 
Never blind
Light within
Sparking passion
Unmatched by anyone 
Standing up
I demand
To for once be heard
My whole life
Pushed around

Beaten down
And skipped over
Never seen

Suffering silently
I will stay silent
No longer

You will be heard

You will be seen
Yes they will
See you now
Someway somehow
They don't know it yet
But they will see you now

Verse 2
Little warrior 
Has had enough
Of being roughed up
And shut up
By a society
That just doesn't
Want to know
Lost in their own 
Insanity and conformity
With nothing much to show
No I will not be who
You want me to be
I will not think 
The way you want

Me to think
I will not be silent
And blend in with the crowd
I will stand up
And shout out loud
You will see me now
Yes you will see me now


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