The West Memphis Three

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
The WM3
What a shameful part
Of our country's history
A black spot
A horrid mark
On our so called
Justice system

That only cares about
And looks out for them
And doesn't give a damn
For the majority of us
America it's about time

We woke the fuck up

The WM3 
People who would never
Even think of hurting a child
Let alone three
But since they were different
You assholes pounced
Never giving a fuck
About the truth
That I pray comes back
To haunt all of you

Verse 2
Two life sentences
And a death sentence
For someone I swear
More of you involved
Knew was innocent
Than you will ever admit
How any of them survived
I would rather not know
For all of them my heart
Is nothing short of broke
Come now Arkansas 
Do the right thing
Exonerate and make shit right


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