Psycho Christians

Song Lyrics

An excuse 
For false prohets 
And sinners
To have their fun
Controlling others
With nothing but lies
Hurting and killing others
In the name of a God
They use for personal gain
Society what have we done

Verse 1
It's not just the terrorists
That fall under this category 
Christian extremists 
Using God and twisting
His own words
In your holy book
To get what you want

Spread the hate
Deep in your hearts
While forgetting 
Who you truly are
Who he truly meant
For you to be
Welcome to the reality
Of your own blasphemy 

Hating others
In the name of a God
Supposed to be 
All loving
Twisting words
In verses 
And disreguarding others
You call yourselves Christians
You have got to be kidding

Verse 2
Claiming to love
Through hate
While disrespecting the dead
Picketing their funerals
Show boating 
And acting like

You are better
Than others
Claiming to 
Speak and act
For a God
I was raised
To know better about
You assholes make me sick
And it's about time 
Someone called you out


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