Song Lyrics

Verse 1
I am more than just
A passing trend
You see and never
Give a serious
Thought to again
More than
A passing statistic
You can put your
Fork in and say your done
Beaten down
Pushed around
Rising from the ashes
You have created
Like a Phoenix
From the flames
I am born again

You have had your fun
Now it's my turn
To rise above 
Your ignorance
You said I was a loser
A nobody
Well I'm gonna be somebody
And guess what bitch

You're not invited to the party

Verse 2
I will turn the tables
Make you see the real me

Make you wish you
Had given me
The time of day
Intead of pushing me away
I will turn your world

Upside down

See how you like it 
Not so easy is it
I'm not stupid
A loser or weak
I'm strongest bitch
You will have ever seen
And I will make you wish
You had never fucked with me


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