Harm None And Honor All

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
Harm none
Honor yourself
And those around you
Spread love not hate
Live your life as you
And do it your way
Teach the world to dream
And be the peace you seek
Make a difference
One random act at a time
And remember to cherish
Each day as they fly by
You only get to live one life
Embrace your inner weird
Own the fuck out of it
And live it right

Learn from everyone you meet
And appreciate everything
Be an example of
The peace you seek
A beacon of hope
For those who need it
And dream beautiful dreamer dream

Verse 2
Honor the planet
And the animals too
Yes be sure to give
Mother nature the respect
She is due
She is the life giver
Yes everything we need
To survive and thrive
Comes from her
We must care for and protect her
Remember we can't
Live without her
There is no planet B
This is it folks
The only planet we get
So spread the word
Hornor mother nature
We need her


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