The Lost Little Girl And The Haunted House

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
She wakes alone
In a room
That is not her own
Surrounded by
The unfamiliar
She wonders how
She got there
Curious she walks
Quietly into the hallway
And hears voices

That give her shivers
She creeps down the stairs
As the figures come into view
She doesn't recognize them
Yet a voice inside her
Screams she knows them

Little girl lost
In a home
She swears
She does not know
No one to turn to
Nowhere to run
She is all alone
Little girl lost
What will you do now

Verse 2
She tipoes onto
The next step
A move she instantly regrets
For as she does it creeks
And into the darkness
She does flee
But as she does
The house starts
To look familiar
Even the old paintings
Start to look like her
Hiding now from
The people chasing her
She starts to put
Two and two together
As the figures now
Stand over her
She realizes they are spirits
One holds out a hand to her
Saying welcome home my treasure


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