The Delusional One

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
With a soul full
Of selfish pride
And a twisted sense
Of wrong and right
He addresses
The country
He is supposed to lead
Like a spoiled child
Making up stories
Just to make a point
Spreading fear
By selling terror
And attacks that
Never happened
And hate that
Isn't there
Lost in his own
Demented world
The delusional
And evil one strikes again

In his mind he's great
And anyone who
Doesn't agree is insane
Acts like everything
Is one big game
In his head
He is winning
We have elected a child
And are now wishing we
Could all just hide

Verse 2
Racist rhetoric
Filled his campaign
And we ate it all up
With a spoon
As he made sexist remarks
Showing clearly
He thinks he  is someone
Above us all and who has
No respect for anyone
Would even fuck 
His own daughter
If she wasn't his
And shamelessly 
Admits it with pride
The man is out of his mind
Every word out of his mouth
Nothing but lies
Tirades and temper tantrums
Hell half his own party
Can't even stand him
Well done America
We have really done it this time


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