Toxic Society

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
And careless
Following without questioning
Like blind pathetic little puppies
Hating without a second thought
Never really caring if it's right or not
Our moral compass shot
While wondering brainlessly
Why the world doesn't seem
To be doing so hot
Self absorbed and mindless
Does anybody remember exactly
When we decided to ditch reality
For the crazy train

Toxic society
Driving me crazy
A world of too much conformity
And too little individuality 
With no common sense to speak of
Humanity has officially gone
Off the deep the end

Verse 2
Prisoners of each other
Blindly dancing 
Like puppets on string
For the establishment 
That owns us
And the corrupted system
Profitting from us
And our madness
Selling hate and
Spreading chaos
Just to keep us complient
While we sit with our
Heads in our asses
Just letting it happen
While hope for us 
Dies again day after day
Waiting for us to finally wake up


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