Welcome To The Hollow

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
Welcome to the hollow
The point of a society
So chaotic and shallow
That sanity means
Nothing anymore
And reality is no longer
What we live in
False prophets
Accusing others of sin
Hatred and madness
Spreading like wild fire
No one means anything
To anyone beyond
The chaos they can inspire
And the attention
They can get from it
When did we let ourselves
Fall this far
Please tell me how did we get here

Hating and blaming each other
Never working together
Living for scandals and drama
And much else
Do we even remember
What it means to be human anymore

Verse 2
Nameless statistics
Is what we have become
As we fall victim
To each other and ourselves
Creating our own hell
Right here on the very earth
We are destroying
With wars politicians
Start for fun and money
A world full of disrespect
For everyone and everything
Still never learning
From our own history
As hell bent we seem to be
To continue to see it repeating
Welcome society
To the hollow
The only place
To call home anymore
Anyone have any idea
How to get out of here


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