Note To Trump

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
You won the election
Now if you wouldn't mind
If it's not too much to ask
For the love of all that is right
Would you please not
Turn our beautiful country
Into the next nazi Germany
Remember it's the land of the free
Not the land of greed and insanity
We don't need a wall
And Muslims are not the enemy
Neither are the refugees
Open your eyes and you will see
The truth right in front of you
Don't just ignore it like you do
Accept it and deal with it
Like a true leader would

Stop with the lies
You have already made us
A joke in the rest of the world's eyes
No more making up incidents
And throwing hissy fits
And enough about so called fake news
It's time to wise up
Grow up
And man up
You are not a child
No more games or blind hate
It's time to prove your worth

Verse  2
You say you are going
To make America great again
But all you have done so far
Is make America hate again
Divide us with insanity
And unite us against your madness
Racist rhetoric
Temper tantrums and firing 
Those in your own party 
Who don't agree with you fully
Creating fake incidents
Ranting about fake news
Because the news tells 
The truth about you
And you can't handle it
Then banning the media 
Because you don't want
To deal with them
You seem more like a madman
And a dictator than a leader
You are not who we need
But you are who we've got
So grow up and wise up
Be a leader before you
Destroy us completely
And leave a legacy
That will live forever
As a dark time in history



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