Welcome To Societies Fall

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
Welcome ladies and gentlemen
To the fall
The final curtain call
For society as it makes
A last ditch effort
To fix the madness
It has mad
A society that is
Finally getting it
But as usual too late
We played life
Like it was just a game
Knew better but did it anyway
And now judgement day
It's time for us to pay

A corrupted society
Thought it could 
Destroy itself and the planet
Without anything happening
We laid waste to our planet
As on our knees
We finally start praying
No one is listening
He gave up on us 
When we gave up on ourselves

Verse 2
War after war
With the reasons for
Nothing more than lies
Thrown at us 
Day and night
By the evil 
We knew better 
Than to elect
But did it anyway
Caught up and blinded
By their lies and propaganda
There will be no armagedden
No day of reckoning
Or happy ending 
In any religion
We brought this on ourselves
With our hatred and violence
We went too far
Now we must pay
It didn't have to be this way


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