Mr. Big Shot Gets What's Coming

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
Beautiful dreamer
Turned precious redeemer
Scorned and hurt
Yes someone must pay
As you wait by the wayside
Lost in time
Waiting for the moment
To be just right
To make your play
Yes now as the sun sets
And says goodbye to the day
She waits in the dark of night
Like a sniper 
Looking to strike 
And take back the life
You stole from her
Like it was nothing
But you'll pay 
Oh yes you will pay
You sir have fucked
With the wrong girl

Mr. Big shot
Thought you had the right
To play with her heart 
And use her like she was nothing
You thought you were something
But you were a nobody
And her coming
You will never see

Verse 2
You used her up
And hung her out to dry
Cheated on her
Broke her heart
And made her cry
Thought you finished her off
But you didn't finish the job
Now she is out for blood
And you are in trouble son
This girl is different 
From the others
And yes she knows 
About the others
Stronger than you thought
With a temper that will
Scare you shitless
She waits in the shadows
Waiting for you to fuck up
Knowing you it won't be long
Don't blink, too late
She has found her veangeance
Here tonight
Under pale full moon light



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