Normal Isn't Normal

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
Normal isn't normal
So why should I be 
Everybody has their own
Different definition
Of what normal is

But let me ask you
Do you even fit your
Own definition
Or deep down
Are you just
As much a
So called freak
As the rest of us
Think about it

Society wants blind sheep
Carbon copies and puppets
They can control
While being controlled themselves
It's madness at it's finest
Fight back and break the mold
Fuck being a puppet
Be yourself instead

Verse 2
Conformity is a disease
Destroying society
Do this, buy this,
Be this way, 
Believe this not that,
The media sells us
Lies about who to be
While we buy 
More and more
Propaganda blindly
Blind sheep 
Being led by blind sheep
A world full of people
Trying to be what they 
Have been told normal is
The insanity is sickening


Verse 3
We have lost 
All sense of sanity
And reality 
As we sell our 

And dignity 
For the lie 
That is normalcy 
Dance puppets dance
Don't you want
To be one of us
Just forget who 
You want to be 
And who you 
Think you are
Let us think for you
We only want 
What's best for us, 
Err I mean you


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