Middle School Victim

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
She walks into the building
There is an eerie
Chill in the air
She shivers as she wishes
She didn't have to be there
The stares start immediately
From bullies as far
As the eye can see
She pleads with her eyes
To every teacher she sees
But they just roll theirs
And tell her to suck it up
She is alone again

Middle school victim
Her heart sinks
The second she
Sees them
The bullies lined up
For the hell of the day
She dies inside again

Verse 2
Sitting in class
Ill with anxiety
Hitting hard

To distracted by fear
To understand
Anything taught here 
Never really understanding
Why she even bothers
As she cries
Silent tears
Teacher says
What now!
As the class laughs
If they only knew
She stumbles over
What to do


Verse 3

Home now 
But peace ist still
But a dream
Chaos insues 
Oh if they only knew
Crazy family 
To be seen
Alone on her bed now
Razor to her wrists
She repeats to herself
It's for the best
As her wrists she slits
And waits silently 
For death to come


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