Hell Song

Darkness Within

Verse 1
Insanity masses
Seperation of the classes
Immigration gracing
The front pages
Of the so called
"Fake news"
What are we to do
Executive orders

To build a wall
On our Mexican border
But who is paying for it
Who pays for this bullshit

Insanity, the game
Of the day
For what we've done

We will surely pay
For our own good
He does claim
If only it were
Actually that way

Verse 2
A president who doesn't
Think before speaking
Who only cares
About getting paid
Power and money
The only goals
Of each and every day
While brain washed suppoerters
Worship him like he's God
Hang on every word
So much it's absurd
What have we become
What have we done
Welcome to our hell song


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