Hell On A Platter

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
The president
So full of lies
Loves to whine

While refugees die
As he does criticize
The media
For not shoving
Down our throats
Making us blind
Trying to force 
The entire country
To think like him
And live so blindly
It is nothing
Short of crazy
America, welcome
To your reality

Had a chance 
To do what's right
Instead you elect
The poster child 
For being the wrong guy
And yet we still wonder
Why the rest of the world
Looks at us as not so bright

Verse 2
Lady Liberty
Our beautiful statue
Does cry
Wishing we would 
Wake up
And see why
Families with innocent children
Each day one by one die
To us nameless
Pointless, homeless 
Forgotten and alone
So many just trying to live
But finding nowhere to go
Making the journey
Into a world unknown
No guarantee they 
Will all get there
Only to end up in a camp
Sleeping on dirt screaming why


Verse 3
It could have better
But we chose 
And voted wrong
Now the same old song

Looks like heaven
Compared to what
He is bringing
The lies he is slinging
Only the begining
To the hell
He is planning
Knows there are rules
But to him 
They don't apply
Not in his mind
A narcissist 
To truth he is blind
Will bring us hell
On a platter
Should have seen it coming

Not that now it even matters


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