A Day In The Life Of Trump

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
Wake up real early
Tweet a bunch of things
I know will make most
People unhappy
Not care about them
As I make my way
To breakfast and
The morning briefing
I wonder what
I can lie about today

The country is mine

For I am the president
My supporters
Are all my puppets
So dance puppets dance
And believe whatever lie
I drill into your head

Verse 2
After dogging Obama
For vacationing so much
Plan yet another trip to Florida
Call it a working vacation
And lie once again
In front of the camera's
Bitch and whine
About the news being fake
And being treated unfairly
Showing everybody
How cut off I truly am from reality


Verse 3
Brag about how great I am
And how much if she
Wasn't my daughter
I would totally fuck her
As I show the world
How sexist I am
Against women
Make up fake stories
I can spread tomorrow
And go to bed thinking

Man it's good to be king


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