Politicians Vs. Refugees

Song Lyrics

Verse 1

Human beings 

Hated just for being born

Who they are

Their country war torn

Clothes tattered and worn

Faces forlorn

Nowhere to go

No one to turn to

Running for their lives

Looking for help

Finding only hell 
Politicians call them the enemy
They only wish politicians
Could see what they see
Then maybe they would
Think differently

Political injustice
Human rights a mess
Don't like where this is heading
Our own hell is coming
Too blind to see
Until it's too late
And all we can do
Is point our fingers
And place blame once again

Verse 2
Politicans and friends
Keep getting richer
As the war machines
Just keep getting bigger
As the death toll
Grows higher and higher
The news now growing wiser
As the politicians turn into
Whiners and liars
Everytime they speak
Wake up people 
It's time to see
What is really happening
Innocent people not terrorists
Everyday are dying 
Because the politicians 
Who can't stop lying 
Them away are turning


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