The Devil We Thought We Knew

Song Lyrics


This our country

The land of the free

May it forever be

A beacon of hope

And symbol

Of all that is free

And the dreams that can be

And may we always

Stand for justice and liberty

May we always be

The land of the free......



Verse 1

The newly elected president

Has the floor

Your attention

Your minds

Your everything

You belong to him

Those who voted for him

I hope this is what you wanted

Becuause it's what you got

Regret it yet? 

You will soon enough

That is a promise

Just remember

You wanted this



Campaign promises kept
Tears now wept
As out of the fog
The country comes
Didn't see it coming
More like didn't think
Now we can't seem
To find enough to drink

Verse 2
The presidency 
Only weeks old
And already it feels

Like our country
It's very soul
Has been sold
For a version of gold
No one but him
Can even see anymore
The power went
Straight to his head

Before he was even elected
Blinded by ignorance
We fall again





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