Me In A Society Of Forgotten Individuality

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
The world is insane
The games we play
Same shit
Different day
So much hatred
The world is in a haze
Through it all 
You try to see
And sort shit out
While everyone else
Puts words
In your mouth
Tries to tell you
What to think
And who to be
A nightmare of a dream
In which we are all living
And yet we just
Let this be
As you scream 
I just wanna be me

A country in turmoil
Society dissolving into hell
While trying to be
And think as those in power say

But fuck that
No thanks
That shit isn't for me
At the end of the day
I will and proudly be
Nothing else but me

Verse 2
I am me
An individual
In a world
That has forgotten
How to be
A true rarity
In the world
That out my window
I am seeing 
Falling apart
Right in front of me
And yet they just don't see
No they don't understand
What is happening
The hatred they are spreading
Society because of it is crumbling
Yet the truth they keep denying
As face they are desperately
Trying to save
But now even themselves
They are failling too fool


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