Bullied Now Walking Away

Song Lyrics

Verse 1

8 years old

The new girl 

In school

In a tiny little town 

So far away from anywhere

And the only life

She had ever known

She grew up in fear

So young and already

An outcast 

She just eight

Annd left wondering

What she did to 

Deserve this fate



Bullied to edge and back
Every single day
Teachers see then choose
To look away
Like to them I'm just a game
And they would rather not play
How the hell did it all
Get this way

Verse 2
So many years gone

Not long enough
I grew up
You didn't
You laugh
As it is still
The same old song

That divides us
It's so fucked up
It's pathetic
Two adults fighting
Instead of waking away 
If you won't do it
Then I will happily walk away
I am so over it all anyway


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