A Night With The Spirits

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
Went for a walk
One night
Under full moon light
Strolled through
The local graveyard
There is a stillness
In the air
It's quiet
So peaceful
But suddenly
I notice 
I am no longer alone
The spirits have 
Come to play 

Spirits come out at night
Under full moon light
Looking for someone
To play with
Won't you join them

Verse 2
I spend the night

In their company
They tell me stories
Of years gone by
Tell me secrets
And play games with me

To make me happy
Hoping that will
Make me stay 
They don't want 
Me to leave
Neither do I
But alas I must
As the sun starts to rise
And the spirits are forced 
To say goodbye
But only until next time
I will be back again
And I know they will be waiting



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