Welcome To The Kingdom Of Halloween

Song Lyrics

Yes folks
Step right up
Come one
Come all
And behold the marvel
That will out do them all
A land of dreams
This the kingdom
Of Halloween

Verse 1
Ghosts and ghouls
To thrill and excite you
And maybe a zombie or two
Werewolves and vampires galore
If they be what your heart desires
A witch ore two, or three
I should know
As one of them is me
Lights and sights

You have to see to believe
And surprises 
To just die for

Creatures lurking 
In the shadows
A cool wind blows 
As a blood 
Curdling scream
Echos in the distance
As it makes you shiver
Welcome to the 
Paradise of horror
Welcome to the kingdom

Verse 2
Demons and monsters
The more the merrier
Goblins and mummy's
Wizards and magick
In the air everywhere
Killer clowns 
Stare you down
As you stumble 
Upon a possession or two
Or an evil doll coming to get you
If your looking for good scare
Your in the right place
Welcome to the horror
The one and only 
Kingdom of Halloween


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