A Little Girls Nightmare

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
Little girl wakes up
Next to what's left
Of her family
Daddy and her baby brother
All she has left
The bombs took her mother
And sister too
They slept on
The ground last night
In an over crowded camp
Dirty and hungry
Nowhere to go
Can't go home
She's stuck in a nightmare
No one should endure

Why doesn't anybody help
She wonders
Doesn't anyone care
Life has become
To much to bare
Please society
Don't leave us here

Verse 2
She never asked for war
Or for the bombs to fall
That destroyed 
Her home and family
She misses her bed
And the friends
She will most likely
Never see again
Just a child
But her childhood
Is pretty much over now
Cut short by the 
Very people our government
Thinks she and her family are
With tears in her eyes
She looks out at a world
With no hope
Asking what did I do
To deserve this life



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