Societies Child

Song Lyrics

Verse 1

You see the world

Through hallow eyes

That used to hope and dream

Now it's just

Hate and chaos

That you see

As you sadly

Greet society

With a soul

That has become

Nothing more

Than a big black hole 

Wishing for the days

Of yesterday

When the world

Was still full of hope

Instead of problems

To fall victim to



You are societies child

The madness

That surrounds

You can no longer hide

The world around you
So blind
Not right
Life crumbles down
Yet still you fight

You always fight

Verse 2
You fight
With a passion
Yes my
Aren't we fiesty
The will
To live and be heard
Is strong in this one
There is potential
In you after all 
Pushed around
Beaten down
No more
Better than that
You are
Now prove it
Go get 'em
My little star


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