A Puppet On A String

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
Sitting here 
At night
The meaning
Of life
On my bed
With a blade
Up to my wrist 
To my own parents
My own family
I am nothing
But a joke
Broken and alone
Dying to mean
Something to

A puppet
On a string
Those who claim
They know who
We should be
Making decisions
About for once
They just don't

Get it
They just don't
Verse 2
Everything I say or do
Always wrong 
Or so it seems
So I write 
As a way to deal
Am I awake
Or in a dream 
All I do
It doesn't matter
You react anyway
Who I am

Supposed to be
Freedom in a moment
I am supposed to 
Surprise you with
What do you say

Are you surprised 
And happy with your
Love and happiness



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