Little Johnny (Why Did It Have To Be This Way)

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
On a day
Like any other 
Little Johnny
Kissed his father goodbye
As he left for work
That fateful day
Then went out to play
As his fathers return
He eagerly awaits
But that was just not
Meant to be

As on that day
Those planes came
And took
Johnny's father away

Why did it have
Be that way
Why can't hate
Just go away
Society is going
Down the drain
If only we learned
To tolerate
For sealed is our fate
If we keep living this way

Verse 2
On that day
Those planes
They came
In the name of hate

Now none of us
Will ever be the same
Hating blind 
Not realizing
How bleak 
Will be our fate
If it is not peace
That we seek
But if peace
Is ever to be
It must start 
In you and in me

Now in Little Johnny's heart
His father will always stay
As in bed he does lay
Wishing for just
One more day
Oh why did it
Have to be this way


Verse 3
Father, father
Why did it
Have to be this way
Why do some people
Insist on hate
Instead if agreeing 
To tolerate
Part of the problem
But don't tell them that
Void of any love
The error of their ways
I hope they see
As it is once again
Too late
And an innocent life

Is taken once again



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