Society's Sad Reality

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
Welcome society
To the reality
We have sadly created
With stupidity and hatred
Making sanity
A thing of the past
An unfortunate 
Of a madness 
We thought
Would never last
A daily display
Of terror and dismay
On our tv's
Show casing 
A world of shock
But it's all in your head
Rise above my friend
And think instead

Put through the ringer
More than once 
Society has been
At the request of the puppet masters
Yes dance puppets dance
I only exist to have you
In my trance
Your souls are mine
Mine until the end
Why did we let this happen

Verse 2
Told to behave
Or we won't fit in

With that threat
We fall in line
With the other sheep
Who have fallen 
For this insanity
Being the daily
Name of the game
Yet we all still
Swear and claim
To be free
As we stand at attention
Without thinking
When those in charge

Are even mentioned
They have you fooled my friends
It's how they win
Conformity disguised
As freedom
Their ultimate and most

Successful game


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