Wake The Fuck Up America

Song Lyrics

Verse 1

Screaming in this

Nightmare unseen


Over powering

And destroying me

No one hears me

No one sees

The anger building

Inside of me

I stuff it down

Make it wait

It's not time yet 

No the time isn't right

I retreat into the shadows

Surrounding a world so hollow 

Society is cracking up

The world crumbles down

The hour of the revolution

Is close at hand



Liberty is fleeting

The united land of the free

Is divided and full of those

Scared to be

Who they were born to be

Hatred everywhere 

No one seems to care

Our country has become

A freak show

And we are the freaks


Verse 2
Anger building
But no one really

Truly acting
Society becoming
Too much ok
With letting the
Wrong things be
Rage exploding
No one caring
In a world so connected

We have never been
More disconnected
With ourselves
Going along with the crowd

Yeah because they
Are never wrong
Then acting like
With it all goes wrong



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