Who Will Save Us

Song Lyrics

Verse 1

Sick of being nothing
No one, left behind
Never seen

Never heard
By a world
That has forgotten
How to care
Trapped in a hell
Inside myself
I can't explain
I can't get out
Please I just want out

Chorus 1
Help me someone
Anyone please
See me
Hear me

Please help me
Save me
From myself

Verse 2
Turn on the news
What to do
A world full of nobodies
Just like me

Screwed over
By those in charge

The elite with power
Who only care 
About each other
And look out for 
Only themselves
Welcome folks 
To our shared hell

Chorus 2
Can anyone help us

Get ourselves
Out of this rut

In which the whole

World is stuck
We are a clusterfuck
It's so messed up
Tell me who will save us
From ourselves


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