Take The Leap Of Faith

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
Hey you
Yeah you
Wasting away
In a life
Barely even worth

Calling one
Working for the man
That never appreciates you
Who gets off on
Using and abusing you
Day in and day out
Rise up and take

Your life back
Remember what
It means to live again
Live the life
You have been missing

Take that leap of faith

Be the you 
You were told

You could never be
Fuck what everyone says
The only one 
Stopping you 
Is you
Live it up
Rise up

Verse 2
Rise and fight
For the dreams
Still burning
Inside you
Screaming to 
Be let out
Rise up 
Speak up
Find your voice
And use it 
You were meant 
For better than this
It's your life
Your freedom
Be who you

Want to be
Don't let them win
Rise above the bullshit
The time has come

To take your life back


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