Welcome To Hell

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
Welcome to hell
The one we
Totally brought
On ourselves 
By way of war
Hatred and
The pursuit
Of power
We had convinced 
Ourselves was worth
Destroying ourselves for
Killing in the name 
Of whatever god
We pretend to live for
Telling ourselves
That no it's ok
My god would want this

Killing fields
With bodies
Scattered over
The dead and
Dying earth
We should have
Known better

We could have done better
It didn't have to be this way

Verse 2 
Yes welcome to hell
We fought each other
And destroyed
We thought
Was so important
Turned out
Not so important after all
Money and power
Mean nothing
If the earth
Is unlivable
And society is dying
We fought our wars
And dropped the ball
Now we get to pay
Pay for it all


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