Conformist Playground, Conformist Hell

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
We live in a 
Conformist playground
They push us around
And beat us down
Just for being different
While telling us 
That it's wrong to be us
And telling us who 
We should be instead
While still claiming 
We are free
As they dictate
Yes control 
Our very thoughts
Without us even knowing

Conformist bullies
Destroying individuality
And trampling
On our dreams
Look around you society
They are everywhere
Waiting to make life
A living hell
For all of us
Me and you

Verse 2
We must rise up
Make a stand
And take our power back
Tell the conformist masses
We aren't going to 
Take it anymore
We are unique
We are us
We are free
And they can't
Take that away from us
Not if we don't let them
Stand up and be heard
My fellow freaks
Let those freak 
Flags fly with pride


Verse 3
They feed on the weak
Like they have the right
Like we are lambs 
To the slaughter
Targeting us
One by one
Looking down at us
Like we are
Something wrong
But they are the ones
Drowning in their own insanity
Their playground my friends
Is nothing more 
Than their own hell
And they don't even know
I beg of you
Don't let it become yours


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