Karma Comes For You

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
Gauntlet thrown
Chances blown
Karma earned 
Yes sir my friend
You are going down
Looking around
For a helping hand
But there is none
To be found
You try to scream
But fail to
Make a sound
Your mind races
Thinking of the ways
You got here
User, abuser
Liar tell me
How many people
Do you think 
Everyday you have used

A serial user
24/7 abuser
Using people
For your own gain
Then throwing

Them away
The trash 
From yesterday
Your deeds have

Caught up to you

Yes now it's time
For you to pay

Verse 2
Running for
Your life
But getting nowhere
As it all starts to fall apart
You struggle to breathe
As the walls 
Start closing in
Yes this is 
The begining 
Of the end
Your mind 
It screams
As you pray
For some kind

Of reprieve
Prayer denied
There will be

No light
At the end 
Of this tunnel
Suck it up
Butter cup
You know you deserve it



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