My Biggest Mistake

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
You said you loved me

And swore you meant it
Said you would

Never forget
To ever show it
Tell me then
When you blew it
So fucking bad
Did you plan it
Or did you
Just wing it
Did I really earn it

Tell me darling

Did I really deserve it
Or did you just say fuck it

A prisoner
In a relationship
An engagement
I was nothing more
Than a third wheel in
Tell me did you ever

Even love me
Was love ever
Even really there

Or did you fake it

Like everything else

Verse 2
Our room mate 
A warden
Who tortured
And manipulated me
While you stood by
And did nothing
Wondering why
For some reason
I wasn't in the mood
For cuddling
Or fucking
Gee dumb ass
I wonder why!! 


Verse 3
Neglected and used

Everyday abused
Looked at by you
Like I was the one

Acting wrong
The same old song
The two of you
Going off for hours
Leaving me behind
Sick as a dog
Trapped in a house

Full of food
I was forced to buy
But not allowed to touch
Fucked no matter
What I do
And you still wonder
Why I never wanted
To touch you


Verse 4
Better off without you
My biggest mistake
Is the biggest
One can make
Lost myself
In the clusterfuck
That was us
Actually started
To believe
I deserved it
Not a mistake
I will make again
Go fuck yourself
You little fuck


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