Silence Is Golden

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
Silence is Golden
Yes golden
Is silence
Lost in world
Of so much violence
The silence
Is decieving
No things 
Are just not
What they seem
As the message of peace
We are still
Not recieving
The on going struggle
For acceptance and tolerance

Is insulting
As more and more
Daily society 
Is failing

Overcome by fear
Our future
Is unclear
Judgment day
Creeping near
Tragedy is all we hear
Searching for hope
We fail again
We have become

Our own worst sin

Verse 2
I just can't believe 
All the hate I see
All the wars
With which 
I don't agree
We think will
Set us free
Claiming all 
We want is peace
As another country
Crumbles at 
The hand of violence
We sell our
Souls to bring
As the praise of
Our leaders 
We do sing
Just makes
No sense to me


Verse 3
Walking through life
So damn blindly

Never truly
Thinking clearly
Acting like hate
Is the only thing
That will set us free
Forever bitching

That no one
Ever changes
While we sit 
On our asses
Doing nothing 
But whine
When we fucking get it

Will there ever be a time


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