A World Gone Wrong (Do We Care)

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
For some happiness
Is a warm gun
Until they are
The ones

On the other side
Of the gun
Then their gone 
And it's too late
To save their fate
From those living in vain
Caring about no one

But themselves
Society seriously

What the fuck
Happened to us

The stars shinning bright
In the midnight sky
Look down at world
Looking in disgust
At what we 
Have become
So much violence
So little common sense
Mankind has just|
Gone so wrong
What have we done

Verse 2
We haven't learned
As we should
From the past
And yes
Looking back
It seems it's 
Nothing new
We really don't
Know what we do
We need change
And know it too
Yet change
Is something
We rarely do
We have strayed so far
Do we even know
Where we are 
Who we are any more


Verse 3
The world is wrong
It's our own 
Damn fault
All the times
We fought
Claiming it was
Peace we sought
While it was hell
That we got
The world 
Is unfair
So much 
Chaos everywhere
But do we
Even care



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