The Girl You thought You Knew

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
The girl that you knew
Or thought you did
The supposed victim
You see the need

To beat down 
Every chance you get
Just so you
Can be right
And feel better
Is the warrior
You refuse to see
Right in front of you 
But don't worry
You will

Always told
What to do
How to feel
And who to be
But never asked
Who I am
You will now
Find out the
Answer to
That question 

Verse 2

Free spirit
Free thinker

Rebel, you see
As nothing more
Than a trouble maker
You need to fix
But not a damn thing
Wrong with me
I will not appologise
For living free
Or writing
About the world
The way I see it
I am the dreamer
You have ignored
The black sheep
To which you
Really should be listening


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